Pet Scams

You have won US$2million – Australian International Lottery Program

australian lottery scam

Investigation of Online Puppy Scams

news on pet scams

Mark Tahida offers US$12.5million project

mark tahida scam email

Rise in lottery and phishing scams at Hammonton

hammonton lottery and phishing scam

The cost of giving away personal information

identify theft scam using society security numbers from trusted people

US$1million Winnings – Wines International Lotto

Wines international lottery scam

Who Do You Trust For The Truth?: An American-Iraqi Seduction Review

In a recent article by Dr. Amaal V.E. Tokars, she writes: "You keep up with the news. Poof! You are the "knowledgeable American" who can amaze and entertain friends by giving savvy, sage comments about world events. Right? Could an Iraqi citizen say

Abandoned Infant Scams Store Clerk In Robbery

Susan was a mother of 2 who worked in a convenience store to make ends meet. She did not mind the work, except when she had to go to the restroom at night. She had to use the same restroom as the customers, which was detached from the main store. Mos

Competitor Beats 2 With A Board

Charles was a 21 year old skate boarder in California. He is enjoys visiting the skateboard rings and practicing his moves. The tourneys were fierce competition. Charles was a good sportsman, but he hated too loose. Peter was his rival in most of the

Decency Wins Over Cultural Decay

I will admit I was getting a little worried about the recently nixed Fox interview with O.J. Simpson as well as Judith Regan's decision to publish his book.The short lived media frenzy regarding the O.J. Simpson book, If I Did It, as well as Judit

Having ATM Withdrawal Symptoms?

Katherine was a 19 year old freshman at large university out west. She was a busy young person who wanted to become an engineer when she graduated. She worked partime in an establishment near campus to take care of her extra expenses. She routinely

It’s All About The Money, Isn’t It

Advertising is a competitive field; there is no question about it. Having been in this industry for over twenty years, I have seen many changes: some good, some bad but the core basics of the business remain constant. What used to take weeks to accom

Textual Images of Iraq

In a recent article, Dr. Amaal V.E. Tokars writes, "American citizens receive many images about the war/occupation in Iraq on a daily basis. These images are presented to citizens through various mediums in print, radio, and in television. These medi

The Beginning of Civil War or The End of Civil Society?

In a recent article by Dr. Amaal V.E. Tokars, she writes: "There has been much talk recently over whether or not Iraq has fallen into a state of civil war. If this talk is true, then the question of who is to blame for the violence has a simple answ

Unborn Used To Steal Truck

Austin is a thirty five year old tow truck driver in a midsize city. His job brings him in contact with all kinds of people. He enjoys his work. It provides a good living for his family and he gets the chance to help people. Calls for his service can

Where The ‘Bleep’ Did My Identity Go?

I am a die-hard Mac user. Have been for over twenty years and it only gets better. The PC certainly has its place but for creative projects well... the Mac is superior and the good news is is that Mac's do not get viruses.My partner is a die-hard

Canadian Reporter on Puppy Scams

Canadian Reporter on Puppy Scams

Financial Aid Scams

Financial Aid Scams

Findings on Spam and Scam Servers

Findings on Spam and Scam Servers

Gold Dust Scam

Gold Dust Scam

Lottery Scam: Microsoft Award Team Scam

Lottery Scam: Microsoft Award Team Scam

Pharmaceutical and Medical Spam Scam

Pharmaceutical Spam Scam

The Importance of Blog Design

Blogs have increased popularity over this past months. Many people have started to create their personal blogs to express their thoughts and feelings. Internet companies have also started their blogs to inform consumers on the latest product news a

US$10million for Immediate Transfer

John Martin has US$10million to giveaway in a scam

Why People Hate Cell Phone Companies

When did cell phone companies get the idea that making things difficult for their customers was a good idea?Here are just a few examples of where they went wrong:* Having two year contracts, and extending them at every opportunity. If you have to

Catch the Canada Lottery!

Canada Lottery-Soccer World Cup 2010 Promotional Draw

Dear… I need your trust (and money)…

US$10.5million scam from Dr Samuel Ani

eBay lookalike phishing email

ebay phishing scam July 2007

Forwarded Lottery Scam Message

another yahoo lottery scam report

How Blogs Keep You Updated On New Information

For most people with the internet, the local news just doesn't cut it for us anymore. We want personal, in depth stories that most local news broadcasts aren't willing to cover. Or maybe you like knowing what's going on locally but you hate having to

4 Winners in Euro Afro American Lottery promotion

South African 2010 World cup Bid lottery Award International

820,000 Euro from Yahoo! Awards Center

hot scam reports on fake winnings of 820k Euro from yAhoo Awards Center

Earn US$2.2million by offering noble assistance

Henry And Francisca scam

Google Big Daddy Will Keep Website Owner’s On Their Toes

Recently website owners have been seeing numerous changes to their website search engine ranking position with Google. You may have also noticed changes back and forth with the date of your website cache, number of pages that are similar to your web

Google Ranking Keeps Website Owners on their Toes

Google for the longest time maintains the standards which website owners need to maintain in order to achieve maximum exposure though the search engines.I have often wondered how a website could be number one on MSN search but could not be found on

Oh Great! Another fake Yahooooooo! Lottery!

Announcing (Fake) Yahoo! Lottery Results 2007

Stock Promotion

stock promotion scam

US$5.5 million Top Secret OK?

wala ali top secret scam

Cross-Site Scripting Scam on eBay

ebay cross-site scripting scam

Greeting Card Scams Comes with Free Trojans

greet card scams with trojans
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