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These are popular scams that you need to be aware of.

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FX Trading – Is it All a Scam?

Why wouldn’t you ask this question With so much literature all over the internet and on the offline world urging you to put your money in the currency trade, you are caught asking yourself if this a

SIM Swop Scam

HotScam.com search and reports the hottest scam, news, videos and reports on the internet - lottery scam, inheritance scam, pet scam, lover scam, phishing scam, commercial scam, job scam and more scams

Cellulite Reduction Lotions Are Junk

The answer to cellulite reduction, unfortunately, does not lie solely in that fifty dollar bottle of anti-cellulite cream. If it were that simple, then the millions of us who hate the dimples simply would not have that concern any longer. In fact, ce

How To Avoid Dishonest Home Business Schemes

Should You Take The Bait?Unfortunately, unscrupulous home business schemes are everywhere these days. If you surf the internet, it seems as though everywhere you turn, you are flooded with ads that tell you how to earn more money than you are now,

Peace is Not Paved With Violence

In a recent article, Dr. Amaal V.E. Tokars writes, "When the United States declared war on Iraq in 2003 Nelson Mandela declared that the invasion should be "condemned in the strongest terms." The voices of such statesmen from around the world were n

Are Rebate Processing Jobs a Scam?

Angel Stevens has been marketing her rebate processing work from home opportunity for some time now. The program makes some outrageous claims like that you can make up to fifteen dollars per rebate processed.When people read her website they being

Saudi Investment Scam – Adamu Abubakar

This is definitely a scam - never trust any email with the word "Nigeria" in it. The IDD Number is in fact +234, which is Nigeria. This poor scum bag is a newbie and has no money to travel around the world - yet. Don't ever feed this pest with money,

Social Bookmarking For Website Traffic

Social bookmarking is done by definition by amateurs. If these amateurs do not understand the importance of right tags the whole system may fail. Social bookmarking is a way for you to save your favorite bookmarks and pass them on to others. The more

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HotScam.com search and reports the hottest scam, news, videos and reports on the internet - lottery scam, inheritance scam, pet scam, lover scam, phishing scam, commercial scam, job scam and more scams

Canada: 10 Elderly Scammed in Phone Scam

At least 10 elderly were reported to have lost some money to a phone scam. The scammer called to say that their grandchildren was in a car accident and needs money to be wired over. Police believe the suspects are going through obituaries, getting th

Creating A Website For Mass Appeal

Creating a Website is not a big deal. You can easily earn 1000 dollars to 5000 dollars per month. Creating a website is not so much a feat, if we compare it to the education of other technical skills. Most people tend to give up and pack their bags a

Fake Check and Money Order for Hay Purchase

Fake Check and Money Order for Hay Purchase

Avoiding Identity Theft: Critical Steps to Take

As on-line and off-line consumers, we are constantly prompted to disclose our personal information to organizations. But with each disclosure comes the risk that one's information will be mismanaged, accessed without authorization or stolen. In fact,

Betrayed By Love

A beautiful woman can inspire a person to do just about anything. But it is their heart that reveals the character of the person. Beware she can capture you through lies of love. She can be an instrument of Satan who wants to deceive you and lead

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