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Latest Scam News

419 Scam: Fake Bank of America email – Updated

This is a targeted 419 scam mail with the addressee included inside the mail introduction. It is a fake “Bank of America”, 419-type scam. The email is quite difficult to read, and they have managed to refrain from using some keywords that we often find in...

419 Scam: Another 419 Franchisee in China – fake Lee Yang

This appears to be a scam from a Chinese guy, but we are unable to verify because it was a forwarded mail. During the trips to China in the past 2 years, we have begun to notice some black Africans at Shanghai. They might be there for business, and we know that they...

419 Scam: Paul William and his 1.5million crap

This scammer: 1) Email address from Yahoo Hong Kong 2) +44 UK phone number 3) +66 Thailand Phone number But he could be at a Fourth location. Even the IP address could not tell because he could be using a proxy server. Paul Williams Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 8:11 AM...

419 Scam: Mr.Tomo Sand Nori

This is the “Japanese” franchise of the 419 scam. There is a reason why many 419 scam mails are very short these days. 1) If the email is too long, it would sound crazy and most people could have rejected it as scam. 2) If its short, and yet SOMEBODY...

Fake Story: US Army Attache Found Money at Haifa

In this latest story, someone impersonating a “Contractor” called John England found “$23.5 million” at Haifa during an inspection routine. I discovered an unusual bulge in a cellar which i presumed to be a storage room. I decided to have a go...

419 Scam: Bank UBS AG Zurich $232million *Cough* Wow!

A scammer impersonating as a consultant working with the Swiss Bank claims that he has found $232million during one of his audit. So he wrote,”Sometimes a person will open a bank account, deposit money, and then disappear into the tin (thin) air. Banks are not...

419 Scam: Fake Mamoud Salif Offers $22.5m

Fake Name: Mamoud Salif Offer Type: Money Transfer Transfer Amount: $22.5 million only Storyline: A rich agricultural equipment supplier died in an aircrash. The scammer is asking you to act as the Next-of-Kin and receive the funds. Location: Claims to be somewhere in...

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