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These are popular scams that you need to be aware of.

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How to prevent spying on your iPhone

How to prevent spying on your iPhone

When your iphone is planted with a spyware, you will notice a faster battery drain, increase in phone bills, network activities blah blah etc. Assuming there is more than one “You” using the phone, and the phone is constantly sending out information from...

Lottery Scam: Western Union Public Relations

Lottery Scam: Western Union Public Relations

Fake Names: Dr. David MooreOffer Type: Lottery WinningsWinning Amount: $250,000 GBPStoryline: You won a lottery which you did not joinScammer Location: Claimed to be IrelandScammer Email: desmond_ani07@yahoo.co.uk, info@microsoft.comSince when it became a...

Information Scammer

Received this from a visitor and her comments are somewhere in our posts. By the way, the names used by scammers are often not their real name. Do not assume that the real person with that name is involved. As we always warn people that everything in a scam is fake...

Lottery Scam: Loteria Espana E-Lotto Internet Promotional Draws Jackpot

We are pleased to inform you on the release of E-Lotto Internet Promotional Draws Jackpot held in Madrid Spain on the 4th of March of 2009. Your e-mail address , attached to the ticket number 357–0146744–224, with the serial number 51228-07, drew the lucky numbers of 1-M-M-0-0-M+1-0 which consequently won the lottery in the 3rd category

Visitors to HotScams.com

We managed to get a screenshot of the visitors to our site here at hotscams.com over the past one month. Though we are considered a smaller site as compared to some of the anti-scam giants out there, we are quite please with the geographical coverage and reach.Let's...

Heaven and Hell

As we know, most mainstream religions would tell us that we go to heaven if we do good deeds, sacrifice ourselves for good purpose, etc. On the other hand, those who continue to sin in their life is destined for eternal torture in hell. When it comes to scam, scammers...

Buy This Domain Fast or Else…

We didn't know that domain name scam still existed today. Check this out:"The OFT received complaints that Swansea-based Internet Registrations Bureau Limited, trading as Euro Web Designs, was contacting firms and claiming an unnamed third party wa

HotScams is Back!!!

Sorry guys, I was sent to China for the past months and it has been a hectic time at work. Anyway, it's time to get back working on this site now.Are there any scams in China? Ofcourse, there are scams everywhere, so China(though a great country) is not spared from...

China Business Scams

The following is an example of a probable scenario on doing business in China (in the past).  Something like this probably happened.Employee walks in to the office of the CEO, forgetting to knock due to all the excitement.Employee:  &n

How To Bounce Back From An Ezine Disaster

Publishing an email newsletter or ezine regularly is a lot of work. And if you think that you'll never make a mistake, think again. Even experienced publishers can make mistakes because of technology or human error. It's all too easy to press the wro

Ideas for Sending Business Thank You Gifts

I work with a flash game development company. Recently we have made a few business deals, and are now venturing into previously uncharted territory for us, thank you gifts/notes. What, If anything is customary? We also had a contact that helped arran

Investment Spam is Dangerous

Since the year 2004, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of investment spam we are receiving in our inbox. I personally receive up to 10 emails per day containing offers or lures to invest in various scams. It is estimated that millions o

US$6.1million South African Scam

This is a brave attempt to imitate government officials' names in a scam... the hot christmas turkey must have gone into their head and clogged those vessels.----------Return-path: [s_u_s_a_nshabangu3@hotmail.com]Delivery-date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006 00:

US$14 million from the desk of Mr Saliu Ali of Africa

There is this rich guy called Mr Morris Thompson who died in a plane crash with his entire family in year 2000, leaving behind a US$14million in his bank account somewhere in Africa. So here comes our champion, Mr Saliu Ali, who claimed to be "the

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