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So, we have created a new page just to tell you where to find Free Email Addresses.

No, the purpose of this page is to record a list of free email addresses commonly used in a scam.

Scammers will send you email in THREE ways:

1) From a free email service provider

2) From a fake email (using anonymous servers) so that it appears to come from another website.

3) From a scammer’s website. It is most likely recently registered, or could have been registered for some time, so that on records it does not appear to be a “recently registered and suspicious” address.

Wait, don’t start dumping all emails from free email addresses. We are also using free emails from, and our favourite They are great.

But if you received an email talking about large sum of money, lottery, love, romance, freaky job offer, etc, a tell-tale sign will be the use of free email address.

The following are some free email addresses used by the scammer: (includes regional, eg.,, etc)

You will be surprised how some of these mailing address “look like” the original.

For example:

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