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HotScams.Com provides latest news, articles and actual mails from Scammers, Conman, “Social Engineers”. This information is provided so as to help innocent or newbie web surfers from falling into these traps and scams.

We do this by providing simple, conversational-style (hopefully) write-ups about the scam report in our articles.

Some points to note:

There are no CEO or Directors running our site here, unlike some of the bigger anti-scam sites.
A team started out this site together. However, some have left the team and now there are only 2 people involved with the site (1 in US and another in Asia).
This site exists to publish scam reports and news with the key objective of sharing and disseminating information to help prevent scams.
For advertising, we may include established products and contextual advertisement to support our site.
We try our best to provide real value with our time, sweat, and blood (sometimes) on issues dealing with scams. And to make our own time worthwhile, we prefer to enjoy what we are doing by publishing interesting stuff, including videos, pictures, and informal talks about those scams.

Cardinal Rule:

We absolutely do not support any scammers, cheaters, or conman on our site. And it is the objective of this site to expose scammer or warn users of possible scams, tricks, phishing or vishing attempts, frauds and new tricks that are illegal beyond any reasonable doubt.

For the general community, we would like to state that we are not involved in any scamming, spam mails, etc. If anyone sends you an email using our email address “something@hotscams.com”, it is not from us. We protect the ID of our whois information from unnecessary spams, and we will gladly provide our full support to any legal authority if necessary, including the FBI, police, etc.

We welcome any news and submissions from anyone receiving similar scams mails, or any form of solicitation.

Note that certain information may be subjected to cross-examination and investigation on the truth, before it is released on the site. This is to prevent any wrong accusations or possible litigation.

Also note that any articles related to established companies must have an external news link to trustable source(s). We do not own that information, and we would leave the external source(s) to verify the information. In cases of doubt, it would be stated clearly that the information is “unverified”. We will not post “unverified” information at all, if there are no news link to an external source that is trustworthy.

You may contact us at

1134 18th St.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


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