Kimberly is a businesswoman for a large corporation she deals with some of the companys most important clients. She handles very lucrative contracts and is responsible for sensitive information. The companys ability to keep up with and exceed its competition depends largely on some of the things she does. She usually secures all sensitive information before she goes home every night. Cleaning and maintenance crews have access to the building and her office afterhours.

They have been trained not to interfere with anything on the desks in the office areas. Lately, Kimberly has a feeling that someone is going through her desk when she is not there. Although, all the sensitive information is secured, she does not like the fact that someone is invading her privacy at will.

She has alerted security, but so far there are no leads to who maybe doing this. One afternoon she had a late meeting with some coworkers and clients. After the meeting, she was exhausted. She knew once she got home she would be bombarded again with responsibilities. So, she decided to go back to her office and rest a moment before she took the journey.

It was late in the evening and cleaning and maintenance crews had already moved in for the evening. She alerted security that she was in the building and that she would be staying for a while. She went to her office and got comfortable for a moments rest. She decided to leave the office for a moment and grab a soda from the break area. She saw maintenance crews throughout the building. They were seemingly going about their business.

She got a soda and started back to her office. On the way back she noticed a young woman entering her office from the hallway. She was wearing the cleaning uniform. At first, she did not think much about it. Then she got a haunch. She decided to have security scan the office. She went back to the breakroom and notified security to do a routine sweep of her office.

Security did the scan and within 2 minutes they initiated a full building lock down. No one was allowed to enter or leave the building. They called her back to her office and asked her to remain. She wondered what was going on. She complied. They sent someone down to escort her to the security room. They showed her the tape of what they recorded in her office a few minutes earlier.

It was the young cleaning woman scanning every document left on her desk. She was shocked. Mean while, security forces detained the woman. They found that she was taking photographs of the documents. Not only that but she worked for a rival company. Further she was not the only one spying, there were two others. Security took the rest of the crew into custody until they could sort things out.

The guilty were charged with industrial espionage and arrested by the police. Security concluded that damage done to the company was minimal. They knew that a crew like this usually works an organization for years before they gain any information of significance. This one had just begun. Kimberly shutters to think what could have happened if she had mistakenly left any sensitive information out on her desk.