Are you moving your house soon?

Moving scams seemed to be common in the US. After agreeing on the price, the moving company would upload the the stuffs on their truck… and then they change their mind on the price. Then the owners would seemed to be “held hostage” by the moving company, or they would lose their possession or cause a delay in the moving. It seemed that there are many such scams and not everybody is reporting them.

Some readers asked us to post the names of the scammers… but we can’t if the news didn’t provide the answers. We might try to check out more information by popular request.

What we could do similar situations is to ask for written quotes and agreement on the price and condition of the services. If they breach the agreement and increase the price, take the paper and bring the company to court, suing them for the time lost (count by number of days not able to get back to work or unable to work productively) and unnecessary distress (your possessions).

When it comes to money, there is no need to be a Mr NiceGuy when dealing with crooks. Just get talk less, see more paper work and signatures.

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