Hey, I liked your video regarding the fake cheque! I once received an email from a person claiming to be from Nigeria! I was selling my advert in the papers, and this so called SCAMMER happened to contact me, saying he was interested in my piano I was selling for £500!

So I sent him my name and address. He then posted a cheuqe  off to me, and it arrived evenutally. I banked it, and for some reason the cheque cleared straight away! He sent an amount of £2,500 to me.
So I thought I would take up this offer.
But what do you know?  A received a letter from the bank a couple of days later stating that the cheque I banked was infact fraudulent! 
I even remember the scammer’s email address:


I actually keep every email that scammers send me, and report the emails to Googlemail email services!

Well thanks for reading!

Our Reply:
Good job, but it is better not to send them any information esp. name. Anyway, thanks for sharing the experience and we hope that others can take note.