First of all, the email was addressed to this guy called Torsten. My name is not Torsten.

Secondly, the email address came from milwgear.com. This is a company website, and not an ISP or email provider. The spammer has sent the email using anonymous mail services which can fake any email address. It could have been done by spam mail services.

They are spamming and trying their luck, hoping to find a man to believe that she is real, or (if her pictures are real) that her intentions are real. What makes her (or him) thinks I am a man? (LOL)

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Return-path: <gutierrez@milwgear.com>
Delivery-date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 18:26:53 -0500
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From: “Tatyana” <gutierrez@milwgear.com>
To: “Torsten”
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 01:15:10 +0300
Subject: Re:  i want to say u hello

Hello, Torsten

I hope that when you receive this letter, you won’t close it without signs of attention and interest.
I am writing to you in order to suggest you to build  love and  romantic relations.
You may wonder why such attractive woman like me is still single. It is very simple answer at this question: I have not yet met the one who will turn upside down all my life.
I need such man who will appreciate not only my body, but see the beauty of my inner deep world.
I know that we are not acquinted, but I want to use this chance, because it can’t repeat again.
So, I am happy to meet you. I am very glad to greet you in my life if you want.
You can believe me or not, but i am a woman-fire who can make your life more interesting and full of bright impressions.
how do you like the idea of mornings’ breakfasts in the bed, romantic walks on week ends, happy family evenings after working days?
As for me I dream about it every day. I am tired to come at lonely home, to cook meal only for one person and to eat at loneliness and to go asleep at loneliness too. I want to come at home and to meet my beloved, to kiss him, to cook him tasteful meal, to feel secured and happy every monrning and every night.
I will close this letter, but it doesn’t ordinary letter, it is a call to build love and change your life to better and to forget about lonely days.
I will wait for letter with hopes in my heart http://romancehunting.com/happy

Have a good mood


The website above leads to this:


An internet search reveals at least one copycat website with the same listing, and several other Tatyana Z with photos. While we are not going to say for certain, without any concrete evidence, that this is a scam (but it is definitely a spam), it is certainly very fishy. Membership to join the site is definitely free but the relationship is going to cost some money.

Fishy Index: 9 out of 10