This is a good and interesting video where the Darren Brown
demonstrated how he can shop with just White Paper. He succeeded in
buying 3 fish fillets and a $4500 Ring from 2 different shops, but
failed at a Hotdog stand.Watch how he talks and distracts the shopkeeper when he
was “paying” the “hard cash” which is simply white paper.

that he always use this exact statement as part of his conversation
when handling over the cash: “I have always been intimidated about
taking the subway station, but someone said Take it… Take it… its
fine…” *hands over white paper ‘cash’*

This is part of the distraction where he gets the shopkeeper to talk and maintains certain eye contact. The shopkeeper was even “counting the white paper”, and it was after Darren had left that they realised that they had received white paper and not real cash.

This is hard to imagine… we may think that its possible with counterfeits or fake cash, but “White Paper”?

Disclaimer: We
are not able to verify if the video is fake or made-up. Whatever the
case, do not try this out. We are not responsible for your actions
should you end up in jail.