The Wowowee is a game in the Philippines. During the game, the players are required to choose and open the wheel to gamble for a grand prize, or take the cash.

The wheel prize can go up to 2million pesos. In this video, after the player has chosen to take cash instead, the host went to open up the wheels to show the crowd where the “2 million peso” wheel is located. However, this wheel showed a “0” instead of a “2”. What the host did was that he pulled out a film from the back of the wheel which as the “2” on it. This caused many to think that it is a scam went wrong.

While many thinks that it is a scam, some believe that it is not a scam but is actually due to the design of the Wheel.

Firstly, all the wheel has a default “0”.

The winning prizes of 2, 1 and 5 uses similarly numbered films to cover the “0”. So if a wheel has a “2 million” peso prize, it will have a film with number “2”, covering over the default zero.

What happened is that before the show, the one who pasted the “2” mistakenly pasted the number behind the “0”. This explains why the host was surprised to see a “0” instead of a “2”.

I think the show producer should consider changing the design of the wheel.