HANG ON!! We think that this is a scam (we seldom make mistakes), but it is your choice. Should you like to try them out, WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY OF YOUR LOSSES OR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING MONEY, HOUSE, CARS, AND YOUR HAIR!

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THE COCA COLA COMPANY Hong Kongoffice is Giving Away 1 cars For “FREE”!! And cash bonus of $800,000.00
The Company is trying e-mail to e-mail advertising to introduce its products.

The reward you received for advertising for them is a Mercedes-Benz, ML class jeep convertible free of cost! Including cash prize of $800,000,00

To receive your free car all you need to do is send us your



1. Full name:
2. Address / contact number:
3. Country of origin:
4. Occupation:
5. Email:

Within 1 month you will receive a free car. A draw has just been concluded in Hong Kong last weekend
(we contacted you via your email address).

You must send your contact information to, cocacolahongkong@fatearn.com

OR sophyin@excite.com


Kind Regards,
Sandy Robert  
Sales /Marketing Manager
coca cola  Asia
Hong Kong


+852 92460903