Even those who don’t use the internet have heard of ebay by now; and anyone interested in cars or vehicles of any kind should by now have heard of ebay motors. Just as Ebay made the weekly search of newspaper classified ads and free listings magazines a thing of the past, so Ebay motors has made the search for all things motored a far simpler process and don’t let the word “motors” in the name mislead you.

Ebay Motors is a site for all things with motors, not just cars; it includes trucks, boats, motorcycles, power sports vehicles of every kind, buses, campers, and just about everything else plus parts and accessories. Ebay Motors is the one stop classified listing for anything with a motor, and a few more things besides.

The international Ebay sites have merged classified listings with auction houses, house clearings and car boot sales to allow anyone to potentially sell anything at its market price. In most cases the existence of a good photograph of the sale item along with a full, detailed description backed up by a decent positive feedback score for the seller will act as a reliable guarantee of the product’s condition. Using a payment system like Paypal adds further security for a buyer and so, in the vast majority of cases, Ebay allows buyers and seller to have mutually satisfying, successful exchanges.

Items of higher value will always have a higher risk attached for the buyer and so the reputation of the seller becomes more important but, it is very difficult for a seller to repeatedly sell low value items and retain a good record; so the best and most effective means of verification for a buyer is to check a seller’s feedback. If it is high and positive then you can probably buy safely; if it is low and or negative then steer clear unless you are happy to take a risk.

Because the Ebay feedback system, simple though it is, seems to work so effectively it is generally safe to buy and sell all around the world with confidence. As soon as a seller begins having unhappy customers that fact will be reflected in their feedback and all further buyers are warned so the seller loses out for the sake of a few sales. If the seller has built a high feedback rating then this is a big loss since it would mean starting all over again, and few people fully trust anyone with a feedback of less than fifty to a hundred transactions.

Something as high value as a car or motored vehicle would, therefore, require sellers to have a strong feedback rating on any Ebay site to give the potential buyers confidence; but that would mean that only car showrooms or professional traders would be selling on Ebay Motors and that isn’t the case. Ebay Motors was designed with the classified ads pages in mind; which means the ordinary person who is selling their car or motorcycle or van or boat and possibly has never sold one before. This renders the Ebay feedback system far less effective since it only really works when a person builds a reputation based upon their buying and selling activity.

So what Ebay Motors does is offer to cover a buyer’s losses up to a certain amount if their purchase turns out to be fraudulent or dishonestly represented to the extent that the buyer loses their money. This means that while the buyer has the protection of Ebay when they purchase, and any fraudulent seller could potentially have all the pressure of Ebay’s legal team on top of them instead of the wrath of an individual buyer.

The value of the first Ebay website was in taking the concept of auctions into the realm of the classified ad, or car boot sale, and making it available on a national and international scale. Apart from giving an international market stall to what was originally a localised market, Ebay made searching for items of any kind much easier.

Anyone who has ever searched a classified ads section of a newspaper or magazine knows how frustrating it can be just finding the right category and if you are looking for something specific you may have to wait and buy a paper on a certain day, or else buy it regularly over weeks or months until what you want will appear and then be the first to phone to inquire and rush over to the seller before anyone else. With Ebay, all that stopped. An efficient website search engine means you merely have to type in a relevant word and immediately find every listing with that word in it.

You can reorder the listing by price or date or seller. You can compete with other interested buyers so the highest bid wins and not first come first served. What’s more, each item can remain in the listings for up to ten days which makes it less likely you’ll miss it.

With the security that Ebay offers for car and motor exchanges, the same benefits are clearly welcome. The buying and selling of cars and motors is no different, in principle, to that of anything else on Ebay naturally, they need to be picked up so purchases are still likely to remain localized but the ability to search areas outside of your own without having to first buy, and search, newspapers and magazines for all your local areas makes the process cheaper and easier for a start. And the Ebay search function certainly beats paper cuts on your thumb.