Jim Miller has a good article about scams targeting senior citizen.

“It is not always easy spotting a con. They range from swindlers, to
shady financial advisers to slick-talking telemarketers to professional
caregivers and relatives
who steal from the very people they are
supposed to be looking after.

The most common scams targeting
seniors today come in the form of free-lunch seminars selling dubious
financial products, and high-pressure phone calls and endless junk mail
peddling free vacation packages, sweepstakes, phony charity fundraisers
and more

In addition, of course, there is the ongoing problem
of identity theft, Medicare fraud, door-to-door frauds, credit card
theft, Internet and e-mail swindles and family thieves
– which makes up
more than half of all financial crimes against the elderly.”

Recommended to read.