One of the biggest misconceptions in the world is that we live in a world of lack. You hear it all the time. There isn’t enough money, there isn’t enough oil, there isn’t enough natural resources, there isn’t enough land. On the contrary, there is actually an abundance of everything. People who believe that there isn’t enough create within themselves a mind set of lack which actually keeps them in poverty.

If a person is thinking there is lack and not enough in the world, they will only see a lack of money, a lack of opportunity, a lack of possibilities. That person will only see what they can’t accomplish because there isn’t enough of whatever they need to accomplish what they want.

But if we take someone who only sees abundance, an abundance of money, of opportunity of more than one way to solve a problem, you will see a person who is financially free. In realty there is an abundance of everything in this life.

What it comes down to is the Law of Attention. This law states that what we focus on we will see. Have you a bought a new car and then as soon as you drive off the car lot you start seeing that exact car everywhere you go? Does this mean the cars weren’t there before and you somehow magically made them appear by buying that kind of car? No. It is because now your attention is on that kind of car where your attention was not on it before.

Likewise if we have our attention on lack than we are only going to see lack. If we have our attention on abundance and opportunity we will only see abundance and opportunity. This gives great insight into peoples’ ability to create there own life and existence. People literally have the power to put into there life and see what ever they want by merely shifting there attention.

One of the problems with people feeling that there is a lack of money in the world is they feel that there is not enough for everyone. They feel if someone else has money than it is bad for them because that is money they can’t have. Then a contradiction arises in there minds because that also means if they have more money, someone else can’t have it. If that person has any moral standing, they generally do not want to take from others.

So people who live in this world of lack, want more but they feel it is evil to want more because it takes away from everyone else. This is even more of a contradiction because if having money is evil then they should want it all to save everyone else from evil, not restrict themselves from having money so others can.

These contradictions and fallacies about lack trap the mind into poverty. It is literally a prison for the mind. Without the mind working for them and focusing on abundance, a person cannot escape poverty and enjoy the greatness of financial freedom.

It is sad to see so many people feel that financial freedom is not in there grasp. Especially in a country as rich and wealthy as the United States. Where a computer builder can start a company in his basement and turn it into Dell or where a business man can take a software company from his neighbor’s garage and turn it into Microsoft.

This world is a world of abundance. Everyone has things in there life that will hinder there progression. If everyone would look past the bad things in their life and ask what they can learn rather than blaming those bad things for what they feel they can’t do, then they would see the abundance that is there.