One of the greatest fallacies pervading in the middle and low classes is the assumption that wealthy people have done something illegal or immoral or both to get the wealth that they possess. On the contrary. In general, rich people have found a way to create so much value for other people that other people are willing to give there money to the rich people for what ever service or commodity the rich people provide.

If you truly want to be rich then you need to find a way to create as much value in the world as possible. Rich people go around asking themselves what they can do better for other people. They understand that if they can make life easier and/or better for as many people as possible, they will get rich.

Poor people on the other hand go around thinking about what the rich people should be doing for them. The poor people have an entitlement mentality that makes them think they are entitled to the rich people’s money because, after all, the rich wouldn’t be rich if the poor didn’t buy product and services from them.

If the poor really wanted to be rich they would begin to think of other people before themselves. One of the greatest ways to get rich is to look at others needs and find something wrong with the world. When a person does this, they will begin to see opportunities to better the lives of those around them. When they turn that opportunity into a business venture, money will follow. It is a universal law that “Wealth follows value creation.” As a person grasps onto these opportunities and creates as much value with them, money will follow.

An easy way to get out of entitlement and to start seeing what others need is to start looking at people as assets instead of things as assets. To often in business, people try to sell a product or service with only the desire to get the commission received from selling the product or service.

Though the end desire of the business owner is to sell, he/she will have much more success if he/she would ask “what can I do to create the greatest amount of value for this individual.” Ironically by not focusing on the sell but rather the individual, the business owner will make more sells.

To often I see people treating everyone they meet as a potential customer. It seems like they are almost always trying to sell each person they meet something right at the onset of the relationship. If people would treat everyone they meet as an asset and look for every opportunity to create value for them, they will most times automatically become clients. The difference is a person makes friends before they become clients instead of the other way around.

A while back I heard a story of a man going into a car dealership looking for a car. He went up to the car salesman and told him, “I want this deal to be the greatest deal you ever made. I want you to make the biggest commission you ever have.” Wow! How many people would tell a car salesman that. As a result the car salesman became one of the man’s clients also. As the man treated the car salesman as an asset rather than the car, he was able to create value in the salesman life and he received wealth in return.

Another great way to create value is for a person to find and discover his/her own unique abilities and talents. Everyone does something that no one else can do. Even if some people can do similar things, no one can do it exactly the same. Everyone is unique and different.

It is these differences that bring great variety to this earth. If a person looks within himself/herself and discovers his/her unique abilities, he/she has just unlocked great opportunities to create value. Thus he/she has created great opportunity for creating wealth.

Everyone has great potential to create value and to receive the wealth they want. They just need to focus on what others need, not what they feel they are entitled to.