]]>Opportunist exists in every situation (and so does scams), including a country like Iraq where bombings and violence are common news. The last thing that we can imagine is for the people to speculate real estate property when the situation remains tense and life-threatening.

In fact, we are getting so dissensitized with bombings that news on scams are “fresh”.

Apart from the technicalities of who-what-how the scams happened, the news reminds me of those movies where the “greedy guys” would rather die than let the treasures be blown up by some time-bombs. Have you seen the ending scene in the movie “Dead of Alive” DOA? What is the value of money when there is no life?


“Illegal vendors are using fake documents and forged signatures to sell houses that belong to displaced Iraqis who have been forced to leave their homes as a result of sectarian violence. Some of them, according to Ministry of Construction officials, produce documents in English which say the US authorities’ in Iraq have authorised the sale of such properties, thus making unsuspecting buyers confident that the transaction is legal.

“Usually they look for illiterate people or those who do not understand English properly so that their documents can have a veneer of legality. Buyers only discover that they have been duped when they move to the house and are alerted by neighbours, or when the original owner returns to check on his property,” Saleh Abdel-Rahman, mayor of Baghdad’s Dora district, said.