You wanted to have that second cup of coffee from your favorite mug and you will only be a few minutes late. Whats the big deal. It is a big deal to be late by five minutes or an hour. When you are late for work, every minute counts. Each minute missed effects the flow of a business. Businesses run on a schedule to prevent conflict and to insure that everything runs smoothly.

When an employee is late it automatically alters the schedule and the days events. An example of this is a person working at a daycare. By state law each adult can care for five children at a time without aid. Say there are usually eighteen infants and two teachers. An aid is needed in this room to keep with state laws requirements. If the teacher aid is late or absent the employer of this facility is forced to try and find a rapid replacement for that person. If not the employer faces a heavy fine and the possibility of her business being shut down.

Being late can cause serious trouble for a business. Companies lose money when time is lost. If you work in construction and you have to complete a project in say five months. Every employee on the job counts towards project completion. When these employees take a few extra minutes for lunch that takes time away that could be time spent on the job to complete it on deadline. If a job is not completed on time, contracts will be voided and large amounts of money will be lost.

If you are late consistently then you run a high risk of losing your job. An employer has to do what is best for its business. If you are being late is causing business to encounter too many bumps in the road then you may have to be replaced. This is why it is important to always be on time. Leave your home early enough to plan for accidents or traffic. Consider the weather, if it will slow you down. Be sure to get up early enough to shower and dress. Give yourself sufficient time to eat a meal before you leave if needed.

Have all of your job materials prepared for the next day so as to not waste time being late due to scrambling for needed items. Do your best to be prepared for anything, so you are able to arrive to work on time. If events do occur and you are forced to be late, be courteous and give a call to your employer. Explain the situation and your location. At a minimum you are at least providing your employer with the knowledge of your lateness. This may provide enough information for your employer to fill in for you, and possibly saving some trouble. Being late is serious and when prevented you ensure your business will operate properly and successfully.