We did some research into organ transplant scams due to some info.
These are some recent news, most of which involved kidneys if the
donors wish to remain alive after a transplant. Otherwise, it has to
deal with dead people. The human body is not designed to be an organ
factory, so the ‘stocks available in each person is quite limited’.

Pakistan: It
is reported that Pakistan is becoming a ‘kidney market’ due to poverty.
People living in poverty have no option but to resort to sell their
organs to fulfill their financial needs. Kidneys are chosen because it
is assumed that one can survive with just one kidney. The source
explains that ‘Pakistan is considered the most congenial place to have
a kidney at an
affordable rate and also its transplantation in a shorter length of
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There is a tussle between Falun Gong and the Chinese government
regarding who is harvesting and selling the organs of Falun Gong
members. Falun Gong is claims that they are a spiritual movement to
improve physical and mental health, but has been banned and classified
by the Chinese government as a cult. In return, Falun Gong alleged that
the Chinese government harvests and sells the organs of
imprisoned Falun Gong members. Both parties are denying the
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India: An illegal agent called Girish Soni
was caught involving in kidney trading scam. The patients appear to
have received the kidneys, but such trading is against the law.
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