Despite the fact that we are a multi-cultural society, American soldiers are perceived as Christian soldiers, or “infidels,” by most of the Moslem world. We, and our military, are not really welcome in most parts of the Middle East. Our relationship is historically founded on mistrust.

Let’s bring the troops home and give them a hero’s welcome. Loved ones, across the country, deserve to see them back on American soil. War takes its toll on all concerned, and there is no further need to “prolong the agony.”

We must still protect all points of entry into the United States. Due to 911, our airports, air space, shores, and borders, will never be the same again. Our national defense must now place a greater emphasis on counter terrorism.

We have domestic problems with the economy, education, health care, social security, and more. These problems cannot be solved in a “war economy,” and they will not go away. When action is taken against terrorist groups, who threaten our security, there is no question that our self-protective action is right.

Sometimes, these military, or covert actions, will have to be pre-emptive, regardless of what the world thinks. We do not need permission to defend ourselves. Our constitution guarantees the rights of American citizens in many ways, including the right to bear arms.

Some of our “allies,” or former allies, will bow to terrorism. This is fine, if you can accept innocent civilians being murdered on your own soil. You cannot satisfy someone who believes your existence is a sin. As Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said, “We are not even enemies, as far as they’re concerned. We’re just dust. …”

If these groups had it within their power, they would “exterminate” all of us. By watching their behavior, they do not respect the lives of their own people. They are not selective of whom, or where, they will kill. An innocent person of any age, culture, or religion, will do fine as a hostage or victim.

Worse yet, we cannot kill fundamentalism of any kind. You can try to educate people and open their eyes, but you will always be accused of indoctrinating them or altering their culture. A cultural exchange might work, as long as the people you send are not executed.

There are always accusations in regard to our dependence on foreign oil. The agenda of all oil should be “removed from the table.” The time to get away from fossil fuel is long overdue. We have the technology to develop clean alternative fuel sources. It is up to the few decision makers to make a moral choice and create new jobs by developing cleaner fuel programs and technology.

Lastly, terrorism cannot kill the idea of a free society, with equal representation, and the right to worship as you wish. These are rights that anyone in a democratic society may have to defend, at any time, but we have to know when to let go and let the Iraqis take charge of their own affairs.

? Copyright 2005 – Paul Jerard / Aura Publications