Recently website owners have been seeing numerous changes to their website search engine ranking position with Google. You may have also noticed changes back and forth with the date of your website cache, number of pages that are similar to your website, number of pages linked to your website, number of pages from your site, and number of web pages that contain the term.

On one of my websites I had over ten thousand pages that contained the term which fluctuated back and forth for days. It has been running any where from eight hundred and three sites to over eleven thousand. I also noticed my one way links to my site went from fifty four to one hundred and sixteen. Then I also noticed that my web pages from the site went from one hundred and sixty five to forty one. It appears Google is rebuilding all of its stats. This process is very time consuming and may continue for months to come. This morning my website was in the number eight position on page one of Google, then it went to the third position and then by the end of the evening it was back at eight. The short time it was in the third position I noticed a three hundred percent increase in sales. This was amazing. All my hard work over the last two years seemed to be paying off. As I continue to watch cautiously, I am realistic that tomorrow I may be on page three of Google.

I believe it’s important to be patient while the changes are being implemented by Google. Once the changes have been completed, it’s important to find out why the new websites in position one two and three on page one have been selected by Google’s spiders. Once you understand why then you can optimize your website to gain a better position.

For some website owners search engine ranking plays a key role. Since you now have a limited input in your search engine ranking it’s important to educate your self in the various areas of marketing.

I found working with other website owner’s helped me in the following areas:

1) Increased traffic to my website through links.

2) Helped educate me on some of the inappropriate affiliate programs.

3) Gave me constructive critique on my website layout. In turn sales increased.

4) Increased my Google ranking through links.

5) Shared affiliate programs that generated income for everyone.

6) Shared ideas about Google’s and Overture’s pay per click programs.

7) They shared some of our products and services in turn I was able to increase visibility in turn increase revenues.

A majority of the websites on the internet were created for the sole purpose to generate income.

As you continue to educate yourself on the latest changes brought about by Google Big Daddy you help to insure the existence of your website. Each and everyday I learn something new and I hope to take this new information to the next level.