For every illegal activity that can be associated with a computer, there is a good chance that there are people who have created forensic files used to enforce a Cyber Law that will stop that illegal activity from occurring. Some of the forensic files are shareware and freeware versions so there is ample opportunity for everyone to protect their home computer system from predators.

Most of the forensic files used to enforce Cyber Law community use of the Internet are offered in a very organized manner that allow computer users to differentiate the correct files to download for a specific operating system that they have on their personal computer. Most operating system formats are covered and if Windows versions XP, NT, 95/98, ME, 3.xx are not right, then try the Unix and Linux offerings.

In an effort to give everybody protection under Cyber Law, the forensic files used to enforce Cyber Law will also help a computer user to keep their computer in tip top operational condition and keep it free from virus, malware, and spyware. The programs for XP for example, will give you access to packet sniffers that will help identify which files on the computer system might have a virus or computer worm attached to them.

Some of the forensic files used to enforce Cyber Law related to the protection of children when they are using the Internet will give parents the opportunity to routinely scan the home computer to identify any photographs that have been saved that have inappropriate images on them. Children learn very quickly how to hide files so that parents can not see what they have been doing while online.

Sometimes it is necessary to protect children even if they do not want it, and when they notice the files are missing because you installed the forensic files used to enforce Cyber Law, this usually gives parents a great opportunity to talk with their children about the predators that are online, and the virus that was attached to the picture that recorded every keystroke they made when they were online.

Some of the forensic files used to enforce Cyber Law will allow people to take an active part in tracking sexual predators in their neighborhood. The forensic mapping software is easy to use and will allow people to create maps that they can mail to their neighborhood without ever having to divulge personal information in the notification. Many states are incorporating laws to better identify where the sexual predators live and have begun marking their driver’s license with a tag to let all law enforcement officers know who they are dealing with during a traffic stop.