Not all jobs listed at the major job sites are “genuine”. Some job
sites such as jobsdb.com screen through their clients before they allow
them to publish their job offers. However, for some sites allow
“employers” to simply sign-up, pay-up a small fee, and start to post
job offers.

In this instance, we found another job offer that sounds too good to be true and it catches our attention.

Earn up to $79 an Hour!

We have went through a number of similar job offers and find that most people missed the point that they are not telling a lie:

Earn “UP TO” $79 an Hour!

Most people will be fixated to the $79 an hour, but failed to understand that a common trick used is to over-promise to get you in. In due course, people will understand that the amount of effort required to earn that much an hour, isn’t afterall that easy.

Ok, we gave this offer and miss and did not even try it out. We think that it is safe, as long as you don’t pay a single cent, to order that free CD from them. However, I would not pay a single cent for that CD, including any shipment charges.

There are some tricks that can be used by scammers. For example, they have partners in shipping companies. So all the need to do to generate business is to create a normal product, over-promise it for “free”, and ask the buyer to “only pay for the shipping charges”.

Another possible trick is that, the CD and the shipping will all be free, but you will be required to buy a “startup kit” from the company. We recommend to look at the details of the startup kit, and not focus on the “promise” of huge returns. Ask yourself if that thing you are about to buy would really generate the level of income that is promised. Search the internet or check out with your friends and find out more. If you are the first one, don’t be too happy because you are just the guinea pig.