Firstly, I never trust any websites that wrote very loooooonnnngggg webpages trying to convince you why it is not a scam. This is a telltale sign that it is a scam indeed. We don’t even have the patience to read through everything.

So what is the strategy? “Its so tiring reading all these… ok ok I am convinced, just pay up and lets see how it goes”.

And the killing phrase?

“This System Makes Me At Least $171,168.06 Per Month And You
Can Start Using It 15 Minutes From Now”…(just pay em $99.95?)

These are old tricks, pay money and hoping make money. You can never fool me.

If you have the patience to read it all, you can check them out here and over here.

I have even helped you (and them) by uploading their marketing brochures here. But wait, I am not asking you to “buy into” this programme.

Because, what they are after is not to make you rich. They are going to make you poorer first by asking you to enter your credit card information. It is recommended not to believe in schemes where you need to part with money to make more money. I would rather buy a book from an established writer who has been there and done it?

There is a better place to put your money than trusting this guy.

Check this out: