We received offers from this website directly to our mailbox.

We find the offer too good to be true, especially when anybody combines
the word “Easy” with “Wealth”. It is NEVER easy to earn money, or there
be no poor man on earth. Unless, ofcourse, it is a scam or Ponzi
systems, where it is the Scammer who would be the ones earning Easy Wealth. Everybody else will be a victim.

Secondly, any scheme that guarantees you to make money by asking you to pay money in the first place is a scam. If its easy to make money, why would they need to offer you such a secret say at $47 and allow you to make much more?

Based on our analysis, we believe that this is a Ponzi-type Pyramid system that “leverage” cash. Its 100% scam in our opinion, unless someone else could clarify further.