If you haven’t heard already, Surveyspot is a very popular survey site that pays cash for your answers. That’s what devoted Surveyspot members say — Surveyspot is a great survey site with cash, prizes, and the opportunity to make money without leaving the house. Simple, right? An investigation into Surveyspot says otherwise, although they are legitimate. So what did this investigation uncover? Believe it or not, a lot of positive things: money is made, Surveyspot isn’t a get-rich scam, people actually do win money, the surveys pay — but when you get paid is an entirely different matter.

Here’s what you should know about Surveyspot. Surveyspot is a website created by Survey Sampling International, a huge provider for survey sampling solutions. Survey Sampling International was founded in 1977 to provide companies with survey opportunities to help their business. Legitimate survey sites run this way: companies request they send out their surveys for a small fee, the survey site sends the surveys out, and people fill out the survey. The pay entices the average person, the surveys are filled out, the company gets the statistics to better their business, everyone is happy. By filling out a survey, you help a business improve. Without you, business don’t improve, and survey sites can’t exist — at least legitimate survey sites.

Here are the requirements for joining Surveyspot: You must live in the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom; you must be 18 or older; you must provide a mailing address. Once you join, Surveyspot sends surveys — at first, only in small amounts. Once you fill it out and prove you’re a loyal customer, Surveyspot increases the surveys, throwing in paid surveys also. Not all surveys sent by Surveyspot are paid, but completing a free survey sometimes leads to product tests or another paid survey. This is a plus.

A quick note: You’ll find that you don’t qualify for a lot of surveys. You’ll be taken to the Surveyspot page, informed you don’t qualify, and taken to a instant win screen. Surveyspot has an instant win sweepstakes you can enter after the end of each survey — whether you’ve qualified for it or not. You have two options for entering: a scratch card or a slot machine. Finish these mini-games and you can win 5, 25, or 100 entries into their sweepstakes. You can win many things, including $25,000.

Does this review sound too good yet? Here comes the bad part: when they pay you.

Surveyspot isn’t fast, quick, or reliable. They’re famous for this. Your money won’t be credited into your account until the company verfies all information and reports it to Surveyspot — believe it or not, you won’t see money in your account for up to 6 weeks. After you’re done waiting for your money to appear in said account, you can request your money sent as cash. That’s if you made the $5.00 minimum payout, of course.

Then you wait. You wait, and you wait. You wait for weeks for Surveyspot to receive your money request, and when they verify it, a check is sent out. And you wait some more.

Impatient yet? Your check should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks, depending on where you live. By the time you’ve forgotton about your check, you’ll receive your money in the mail, ready to be cashed. It’s a long, bothersome wait, but at least you got your money!

Surveyspot isn’t that bad though — it’s just not great for impatient folks who need cash fast. Surveyspot pays more money than other sites, ranging from $3-$5. $10-$20 surveys exist, but they’re rare. You get paid (eventually) and it won’t screw you out of money, but don’t depend on it for quick money. Surveyspot isn’t quick. It’s efficient. If you want fast money, go elsewhere.