We receive a comment asking about this website getprofits.biz. If you consider what they promise you, the simple job requirements and the need to pay them to sign-up, we would classify this as a scam.

Never pay any fees for Lottery (anyway, all emailed lottery mails are scams)
Never pay any money to get a job, especially one that sounds too good to be true, such as this:

SIGN-UP AND PAAAAY $40 ONLY, AND YOU GET TO EARN UP TO $8,000 (OMG!!!)  A WEEK!!! (i.e. $32,000 a MONTH!!!)

In short, they are telling you that by paying $40 as a member, you can earn more than a minister, just by typing some online forms everyday. This is completely nonsense.

If life is that simple, there wouldn’t be any poor people on earth. Let’s see the job scope:
getprofitz scam

  • A Legitimate Online Part Time Job From Home – involves typing online forms.
  • The Work Is Simple – no special experience, knowledge/skills required.
  • Easy To Do – full step-step training and instructions provided in your member area.
  • The Work is very easy, quick and profitable.
  • Reputable Program – receive prompt payments from us.
  • Make $1750 – $7000 Weekly to spend as you wish.
  • Make Money Instantly And Quickly – buy whatever you want or pay your accounts without delays
  • Earn A Good Living Online with a guaranteed income simply doing online work part time for us.
  • Work Is Continuous And Guaranteed – there will always be money coming in.
  • Immediate Start – simply register and get going.
  • Short Working Hours – only 1-2 hours daily giving you the flexibility for your other committments
  • Work From Anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s The Part Time Online Job You Will Do For Us From home:

Step 1: Register with us.

Step 2: Login to your account.

Step 3: Type the info as required and submit.

Step 4: REPEAT steps 2 to 3!

Step 5: Receive payments from us at month-ends.

Tell you what, go to Africa and teach 1,000 kids to type. Pay them the local pay per day, and take the rest yourself, and you will probably be a millionaire in a month. If you recruit all your friends to do the same, you could be richer than Bill Gates in one year.