Has anyone heard of Year Profit and other HYIP that offers you 25% or even 300% returns within a very short term?

If you have $10,000 in your bank account, you can earn 300% after 30
days. Oh, that also means that you can stop working now. Why do you
have to work when these guys can perform magic (better than the well
known smartest people on earth) and let you earn more than what you get
from your day job? The best thing is that you don’t have to do a thing.
Does this make sense?

Considering all the smartest people working in government and banking
sectors, all we get are guaranteed interest rates very small
percentages. That is the reality of investment. Safe investment with guaranteed returns are normally very little. On the other hand, if someone offers you a high return within a short period of time, it is a risky investment. The risk normally increases with the amount of projected returns.

If you are looking at investing real large sum of money, try your established local financial institution (brokering house, bank etc) and they can advise you on the various investment schemes. While no one could guarantee that you would always make money from any investment, it is definitely better than getting outright scammed by someone in a bogus investment. If you are approached by someone to invest a large sum of money, we recommend performing due diligence and to check the background before committing any funds. In simple words, invest through an established and well-known institution and let them inform you the reality of the investment. If no one hears about the investment plan before, and it sounds too good to be true, like this YearProfit crap (oops sorry), then its better to stay away and watch at the sideline. You don’t have to be the guinea pig. And we are quite sure that guinea pigs or not in such a scheme as YearProfit are losing money.

Ok, let’s start by analysing what this Year Profit thing is all about, it is totally absurd. Let’s see what they offer below.

Let’s see, if I invest $30,000 today, how much can I take back after one year:

WOW! I can earn $1,672,500 in PROFIT! My $30,000 is safer in the bank.

I would rather keep my $30,000 than be a loser with $30,000 less in my account after the year. This is in fact a HYIP, and IT IS A BLOODY HYIP SCAM!