There is an email related to a “Sunni Arab” Iraqi, who is seeking partnership in a “lucrative oil business”.

Make not mistake – no rich people died in this story, and no one found
a treasure. This guy is simply offering you to be his partner in the
oil business.

This is a scam because you never trust any “lucrative” business partnership offer from a stranger who does not even know you. Furthermore, his idea of partnership is to “move my family out of Iraq”.

If he is rich, I don’t think he has any problem leaving the country. And if he needs your help for whatever reason, then he is just a poor man seeking to rip you off.

So this is a scam.

Attention: Friend
I am a Sunni Arab and a member of a strategic committee in a major industry in Iraq ; I write to seek your partnership in a lucrative oil business.
My ideal partner should be trustworthy, reliable and have the ability to operate a business in a western nation. You will not be required to travel to Iraq or to leave your country.
I seek your partnership because of an urgent need to move my family out of Iraq due to the deteriorating security situation due to sectarian violence and the strong prospect of a civil war when the U.S. Finally pulls our their troops.
To indicate your interest or request more details, please contact me by email:jubouri_omar22@inmail24.com
Thank you,
Jubouri Omar