Charleston, South Carolina:

Looks like some scammers get away with some free Christmas money after all.

Just before Christmas, up to a dozen charities received a check of $25,000 from a “genuine local company”and it happened to be a fake check.

None of these organisations cashed their check except for Salvation Army, who went ahead and spent some of their own money on food and toys for some 100 families, thinking that the money from the check would help to offset the expenses. Just 2 days before Christmas, the bank informed SA that the check had bounced. Ouch.

Now, the letter accompanying the check points to the company Force Protection Inc., which is a genuine company indeed. However, they did not send the checks and letters to the charity.

It was believed that the scammers had make use of the company’s name to cheat the charities in a famous fake check scam.