We received this note from a South African about scammer in London.

I want to know if this company is for real because I have to
deposit a large sum via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram,
they did not provide further detail until my approval of payment.

The company : Forward Insurance & Security Company

Address:          2 Camroll Way, Kent, London, EC1Y 8QP

Custodian Manager Mr Morgan R.Bert

Without disputing the location of both parties, and based on the above information alone, we believe that it is a scam.

Firstly, Forward Insurance & Security Company do not appear to exist.

Secondly, there is not enough information provided as to why the need to desposit such a large sum of money. Since the company did not provide any detail, I don’t see why anyone would send money over to a company that do not provide details of the product they are selling. Even if they do, I would be careful because the company does not appear to exist in the first place.