This is a typical 419 scam mail, pretty short and sharp.

They have lots of money to transfer out and yet they cannot afford to pay for some small fees and also need to seek your help.

Do not correspond with these guys, just ignore them.

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: TIM HARRIS <timharris1@libero.it>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 7:46:44 PM

I am Mr Tim Harris of Ariel Plc based in London United Kingdom.
There is an issue that came up which we would like to discuss with you my self and my colleagues.

is an overinvoice payment made to my company which involves some amount
of money,so we have decided to involve a third party who we can entrust
this money on when we have been able to pull it out from London to a
desginated account.I decided to put it before you so you can assist
with this situation.

We also found out that if the government
finds out,the money will be confiscated and transferred into banking
treasury,to avoid this we have made arrangement with a Diplomat Whom
will be travelling soon for the movement of the funds due to the fact
that we can not transfer such money through any bank,so all we require
from you is to lay claims on the funds as all necessary document will
be provided to ensure that you collet the funds and move it to your
account where we will come for final disbursement.

let me know your readiness towards achieving this goal together as a
partner by sending your request to the below email address for details


Mr Tim Harris.

Ariel Plc