If you received any email or any issue that points back to hotscams.com, it is a SCAM.

Some scammers and hackers are using our domain name as their identity (e.g. email address) when they perform their act, so that it will appear that it was related to us. However, they could have used any website (even Yahoo, Amazon, etc) but it was the most stupid thing to do when they use our website, because our domain name is Hot Scams.

1) Firstly if it is a Scam mail, the victim receiving such mails would be immediately alerted by the domain “HotScams.com”.

2) Secondly, if they use hotscams.com in any other business, we thank them for advertising our website. Even if the police trace back the source, it would not lead back to us because we did not send it. The IP address will trace back to the original scammer. I hope the hackers cover their tracks well.

So unless you email us, we won’t email you at all. We receive only reports and questions, and we only give by replying or publishing warnings. HotScam.com do NOT send out unsolicited emails, we do NOT send out scam mails. If you receive unsolicited emails reportedly by “hotscams.com”, someone else is using our domain name and we thank them for advertising our website.

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