Watch out for Natwest Online Banking phishing email. For any email, always place the mouse over and see the actual web address. What you see on the page may not be where they are sending you.

Try clicking this link and see where you go: Click here to go to Heaven.com

That link above sent you to Hell.com, doesn’t it? This is just an example (forget about what is on those websites, I didn’t even click the links above to check out. Its only an example).

But scammers are smarter.

Instead of sending you to natwest.com, they will send you to something like natwest.a12.com, hoping that you will not notice the irregularity. The url could be even longer just to confuse you.

Scammers will normally try similar scams using different format, and this may not be the last.

This is just an example, don’t ever think that because the mail you received looks different, its not a scam. Scammers are smart to change the words and design.natwest-online-banking-phishing-email