We are currently accepting new link exchange with other blog sites. In order for us to include your website for consideration, it should have at least a Google pagerank of 2. Although pagerank is not really important to us, we find that this minimum requirement would justify that we take a look to see if there is substantial content.

We are not quite interested in this Pagerank stuff, as we prefer to focus on providing relevant and valuable information that would help others. If you check our popular articles, we have helped to prevent scams from happening.

This is a free site and we provide a free service to maintain this site. Our revenue from advertising is barely enough to cover our cost of hosting this website. In another words, we are providing free ]]> social services to warn the public of scams.

For blogs and informational websites:
If your website has been around for quite some time, we would expect substantial content on the site.
If your website is new, we would expect to see frequent updates.

For commercial sites (ecommerce):
Please do not email us for link exchange if your website is involved in any form of scams, or suspicious of such involvement.

If we allow any commercial sites to be included in our related links exchange, it is construed as an endorsement of your company’s commercial activity. Otherwise, we would welcome an exchange of links and even provide an article to advertise your website. We are open to suggestions.