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I’m reporting about linksimply . com scam

A website that claims to increase your website traffic through their various link services.
After having purchased this company’s multiple services with a total value in excess of £180, I came to realize nothing was being done. After 2 weeks I got charged again for an additional £180 for a purchase I did not realized.

Needless to say that during all this time I’ve tried to contact this company through their contact form and no reply was given whatsoever. There is no other information regarding their headquarters address or phone number. Do not trust this company. They are scammers.


As of now, Alexa shows that this website is brand new with almost no traffic.

This is a quick assessment. And even if it has some traffic or the domain name is not newly registered, it is still worth spending some time googling to find out who they are before spending so much money.

O Meredith
Said this on 10-19-2011 At 04:54 pm

I used last week, articles have just come through and they are pretty good.

No complaints, will prob buy more
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David Black
Said this on 10-17-2011 At 05:06 pm

Sir, your comment is pure slander and I have reported you to the webmasters of this site.

1) Link Simply has been live for 2 weeks and no sales have been made before 10/10/2011. This renders your statement, that you have waited “2 weeks” – false. I can provide evidence of this through Google Checkout on request. Please contact

2) Link Simply is owned in full by Green Square Mile. Our headquarters and contact information are listed in the following places:

– Point of purchase (before you buy)

– “Google Checkout Accepted” merchant button (top right of the home page)

– Confirmation of purchase email sent to customers.

– Google Checkout merchant profile for “Green Square Mile”

For extra clarity I will provide it again below:

Green Square Mile,

07403 761251,

3a Kingston Road,




3) While provides a reputable forum for airing such cases, Google Checkout has it’s own review service availiable to cutomers. A quick check of our profile will show no negative reviews to date. However, sir i realise that this option is not open to you on the grounds that you never have been, nor ever will be a customer.

Link Simply is a groundbreaking a revolutionary service that enables consumers to buy quality hand written links on demand without contracts or minimum purchase orders. We are proud of the service which has taken many months of hard work and research to develop. I can see how such a site is a threat to the rest of the SEO industry, but i would ask you kindly, to conduct yourself with dignity in the market place by “competing” with us, not slandering us.


David Black

Link Simply Webmaster

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Said this on 11-8-2011 At 07:51 pm
In reply to #1

That is a very impressive reply… faster too.
But may I ask why the 4 great testemonials you had on your page can no longer be found? In fact the testemonial tab has misteriously disappeared. You sir are a great magician no doubt.

Secondly, what’s with the fake name? Your name is not David Black, your name is Shafiq Shafi.

Lastly, why does the adress is now a in London? Because before it was 39 Westminster avenue, Lodgemoor, SHEFFIELD, S10 4ER.
Telephone number: 01142301896 and mobile: 07534258914

Talk about dignity… I don’t work in the SEO industry like you said thus taking away my need for competition. But it seems you had to do some changes after being exposed.

Don’t fall for this company people, they’ll just take your money away and it will be a waste of your time and resources. They’re scammers and they seem to be connected to other dodgy websites like

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