This report was pulled out from our quick submission comments:


I’m reporting about linksimply . com scam

A website that claims to increase your website traffic through their various link services.
After having purchased this company’s multiple services with a total value in excess of £180, I came to realize nothing was being done. After 2 weeks I got charged again for an additional £180 for a purchase I did not realized.

Needless to say that during all this time I’ve tried to contact this company through their contact form and no reply was given whatsoever. There is no other information regarding their headquarters address or phone number. Do not trust this company. They are scammers.


As of now, Alexa shows that this website is brand new with almost no traffic.

This is a quick assessment. And even if it has some traffic or the domain name is not newly registered, it is still worth spending some time googling to find out who they are before spending so much money.