Someone mentioned about creating a blog to sell “affiliate products”. We would like to clarify that we are not affiliated to the guest writers who posted articles on our site. And we do not earn any money through the “referral” when a visitor clicks the links from the author’s page to visit their website.

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In other words, we are not responsible for the products sold by the affiliates. In fact, we have no plan to sell anything on this website]]> where the sole purpose is to share information and news on scams. If you find it useful, simply share our site with your friends. That is all we ask for.

Having said these, it is a great idea for anyone to create a blog to market their products, simply by sharing valuable knowledge and information. Don’t write about what you are doing every day, unless you are a celebrity. However, people are generally interested in finding out what they do not know from others who know more. By sharing the knowledge and information, you may also build up the credibility for your expertise in a particular field or product.