We keep getting comments from a particular visitor that writes rubbish but with a link to some member’s website. If you are the one reading this post, then I am talking to you.

Deleting these comments is as simple as one click away, so its easy for us. However, you have to cut/paste, type in captcha codes, and submit. You can do this a hundred times multiplied by 10 key strokes each, and we don’t mind ticking off a full page of your comments easily and deleting them. Your effort is 10x mine and you ended up without achieving anything. It doesn’t hurt me at all.

Therefore, if you (or anyone) is interested in advertising with us, please let us know. If you are genuinely sharing topics/discussions about anti-scam, and will help someone else / prevent a scam from happening, we welcome your participation AT NO COST. This includes a link from our site, or articles, etc.

However, if you intend to make a quick buck here, you can forget about it. Don’t waste your time.

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