We would like to post some kind words from visitors of our site, who have also contributed by sending us scam mails that they have received. While we try to post as many scam mails within the shortest possible time, some of these mails may be posted at a later date depending on priorities. In fact, we already have backlogs, but we always find time to read any latest submission from you.

We believe that anyone who has visited our site and those of our partners (see related links) should be better equipped and educated to deal with similar types of scam – even when they are not exactly the same.

If there is anybody to thank, it should be everyone who has helped to contribute in one way or another to this site.

“Thank you for posting this scam so others can avoid this situation.]]> They are still trying to scam me and i have contacted dateline to catch them but no response. They still want my money but to no avail.

Thanks for your help Jay HS. good luck william”

“As of this year, I must have become the luckiest lady this side of the Sahara. I’m being accosted by people who want to ‘trust’ me with their money and all these lotterries that ‘randomly’ select my email address! I’m sending you all that I haven’t deleted yet. Thanks for your site, it is greatly needed. We all get tempted to believe these scams. Everyone wants to be lucky and a winner!!”

We also like to thank everyone who is not mentioned in this blog, including those who posted comments in the articles. God bless you all.