1) Exploit your weakness. (feelings of greed, desire and love)

2) Builds up your confidence. (fake story, testimonial, success, etc)

3) Harvest from victim.

4) Continue to “milk” you dry, as long as you still believe.

5) Cover their tracks from forensic evidence.

6) Pull-out, Run.

Best protection:

Just walk away if you are unsure, find out more.

If it’s urgent, then this formula should apply:

Urgent + min(50% Uncertainty) = Walk away (or find out more from trusted source)



1) Exploit your system weakness (just one hole among the wall is good enough, if they can find it).

2) Break in

3) Cover their tracks from forensic evidence

4) Pull-out, Run.

Best protection:

Stay away from suspicious sites and never download attachments

Get the best protection you can find (e.g. anti-virus)

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