The widespread unawareness of computer users about spyware has resulted in nearly every computer being infected with the malicious codes unknowingly to users who then experience declines in their computer’s performance and a string of pop up ads. Even new computers are infected with spyware unless its system is immediately equipped with some sort of spyware blocker or scanning tool that is run regularly. The most aggressive anti-virus software cannot guard your computer against spyware, it is necessary to have spyware specific software to rid your system of any of the privacy invasive files.

Spyware can be picked up easily through emails and e-cards. By visiting certain sites you also have spyware installed and commonly users allow spyware in by downloading freeware or shareware that installs spyware upon your agreement to the user license. The most common type of spyware is that which causes your computer to slow once many spyware applications have built up and infected several programs. Another result of this type of spyware is annoying pop ups appearing almost non stop. Much more malicious spyware is used by individual intruders or hackers who collect private information such as credit card and social security numbers as well as passwords and bank accounts. They use this information for identity theft and other harmful acts.

To get rid of spyware find a trusted and highly effective scan and removal tool and run it regularly. Use more than one tool together so you are sure to catch all the infections. Once you have scanned your computer and fixed the spyware infected files the computer’s performance should impress you, demonstrating how harmful even benign spyware can be.