Roman antiques ruins of great gates and palaces and spas in Libya are being open to the outside world at last. The wars in the east seem to have finally convinced the leader of Libya to change hats, as we see. Black turban put away, white ten gallon welcome, slowly, as the steely doors of tyranny slowly begin to creak open. As they have in other nations of north Africa.

The site of these magnificent ruins, with no visitors, and the winter heat and date trees only requiring the productivity and enthusiasm of modern industry to create a Moorish European civilization. And if Europe and the west can make that hug brave leap over the Pillars of Hercules in some fine freedom bridge, we would wisely ask our good lady to wear a scarf once we pull up to see Rick in Casablanca.

Inside, we could enjoy a gin fizzle and have them play all the French, the German, the Swede, the Morroccan national anthem, and any nation on either side of the warm sea. Louie and Rick still friends, and we don’t need to shoot the Germans any more. In fact, their funds into Europe are going to pay to rebuild those Roman ruins, for all to enjoy. These are the real thing, and the locals are really quite proud of them.

The people of Carthage did not agree, and the citizens of Rome may be asked to take back a suit case filled with salt their ancestors had poured all over the ruins. But a rebuilt north Africa also eases the fears of Europe that these people may all end up inside Europe. So bring them in, help them up to our standard of living, keep them happy, but most of all, at home.

These Roman palaces were made possible by the eternal warm climate that permitted north Africa to be the safe and reliable source of exotic never ending food. Wherever there was a spring or well, a garden of productivity would explode all around. his could be again, and these workers were well fed and well paid, and all prospered. Another example that when a nation seals itself off for so long, as did Libya, the people do not prosper.

Now, a sense of enthusiasm is in the air as these people see themselves seen more as respected members of the world community, and this is all so to the good. Perhaps some wave of compassion and understanding could work it’s way east. But either way, it is vital that civilization move forward, each time opportunities open.

This is a wonderful new world, in contrast to that crazy mixed up world of insanity that existed when Rick had to put those two on that airplane to civilization. Now civilization is coming back in a much more friendly manner.

Although you couldn’t blame the mayor of Casablanca if he reminds all old Romans and last centuries Germans to leave their swords and rifles at the bridge. On the European side. Only bring roses. And that empty suitcase to return with your salt. Old wounds, you know.