We all came out of Africa, and we fanned out in different directions, taking on character features such as lighter skin for more sun the further north, and somehow golden features in the middle east, which later ran over into the Americas.

North in Egypt, and across north Africa people became a lighter Arabic skin than those blacks south in the full sun of the tropics. By Greece and Rome we had lighter skinned people again, and blue eyes to better absorb the winter sun.

These tendencies continued until Germans and Celts had red or blond hair, blue eyes and an aggressive, primitive way of life. The Romans brought all of these peoples in touch with each other, and the sight of blue eyed blond slaves in Roman markets caused the new Roman Christians to send missionaries to save, rather than enslave these fine human beings.

Now to here. If the executive of the European Union see this as a solution to many issues facing them, which seems likely, this is a brave and far reaching decision that has in some ways been building, yet not spoken.

The natural Roman Latin and Greek ways from settlements in this lightly populated area should really fit in to some adjusted version of a common economic union at first, as happened with Europe, and perhaps leading to a full union of the nations of Europe with all north Africa from Morocco to Egypt.

Here as full trading and equal partners with Europe,under Greeks and Romans this has happened to the benefit of all before. Perhaps sweeping around, this would finally include Turkey and any neighbors who wish to join as they meet the standards of civilized security for all citizens.

What an opportunity for growth and success around a sea that has often been turbulent with violence. Ancient Greek ships had pulled through the Pillars of Hercules and traded for silver in Cornwall before there was a Rome.Ships from around modern Lebanon created colonies to the west, including mighty Carthage.

And idea we love is that is this dream of a wider civilizaton that includes the Germanic north and the Romance language south and also embraces the Moorish wisdom of north Africa up including Turkey.

There could be a flowering of humanity in this area so very positive that the bombs and terrors of now would surely fade as dispossessed peoples become respected members of a growing and richer society of hope and the evidence.

As Europe has shown with each new member, there is immediate benefits and success and prosperity within the family of European Union of hope. Now 26 nations free of passports, others looking on, new applicants every month: Ukraine, Kosovo, Georgia, maybe even Serbia? The times they are changing, and we think that portion is for the very good.