Roman antiques history ruins are from Scotland to Morocco, over to Cairo, up past Damascus to Istanbul, or Byzentium back then, and through the swamps of Romania, named after a certain Empire, skipping past under most of those feisty Germanics, the Scots, even the Irish. You have to love the inspiring thought that evokes from one with Irish blood, that after conquering most of Britain, they sailed by the coast of Ireland many times.

Each time, red haired painted skinned warriors came out of the forests that then covered Ireland. The Roman legions had recently decided after some woodland massacres over in south Germania, they would not land unless there was a wide open field in which they could land en mass and prepare for a proper landing of force enough to conquer. If they see, they come, and then think about conquer. With Ireland, as with the northern Scots, it was not worth the loss of men and war equipment that might have to abandoned.

So, my Celtic ancestors in Britannia were beaten by these soldiers of Rome, but my ancestors in Ireland stared them down. And that is a fact, Jacques, or Julius. Until at least as long as the Romans were nearby. And it seems that the local Celts relaxed a tad too much when the Roman legions were being withdrawn back to Rome.

It was for a reason the Celts would soon find on their own shores, on a wide enough plain by the sea, near a river, where Vikings would found and name Dublin. And while Vikings and Norse and Danes and Angles and Saxons and Jutes and Canutes changed Britain into English speaking germanics who designed their new language along, as we have said, the legendary Dane Line, which cut England east to west.

And it was at that middling point that English evolved, where people could meet and trade. And now Europe sees that it has matured enough to consider the widening of this western center of civilization with that of the Moors of North Africa and the Muslim world of Turkey, into perhaps an east and west, or north and south, creating of what could become, one great civilization of expanded capacity to love beyond the hidden trap door of faith or language.

We can see how we can drive our new autobahn from Oslo to Casablanca, and then over to Alexandria and a pyramid. But how to get to the oldest city in civilization, Damascus, and then enjoy Troy and imagine the joy of crossing into Europe from European Asia at Istanbul. Then off up to Belgrade and Prague to Finland. Over to Sweden and Oslo, then hop down to Rome. Any problems? All seem to say, those folks between Cairo to Damascus, until they get fair and really share, get off their moral high horses and allow the world to come off of the boil.

So this part of our autobahn around Metro Europe must here be on hold.Leave your car as a rental in downtown Cairo. Fly over the hell hole being created below. Pick up some semblance of sanity or humanity in Damascus, and then head for west Turkey where Greek Troy and heroes were wiser, fair minded men. Even Istanbul reigns as wise, meeting of east and west here does arise. Peace. In the name of God, finally, please.