As well as the pressures and stresses in all our lives these days, it seems, we see news of worse elsewhere. Floods in Burma, millions displaced, aid refused, control by generals; in China, millions displaced, each mountain ringing some valleys collapsed. Central America sees GI American aid workers on their way home from war torn Iraq. Hurricane and tornado alleys in America on cue, destroying homes, towns, lives. And the sea is rising, with every photo of another massive iceberg meltdown, good bye polar bears and many ways of life.

To maintain our sanity, our health and a sense of a brighter tommorrow even as a faint hope; to mentally survive through these, we must deal with each as it is blasted unwanted slam into our lives. It is in such moments that it is our inner good that surges us forward to help, as you can see in spontaneous actions as a man jumping into an iceflow river to get a safety rope to a drowning man, or a woman desparately reaching for her child under rubble; we want to help. And it has been shown to be highly beneficial to those who help, as well as those they help.

We all have a mom created little inner cub scout in us that was cheered when we helped, knows love: and something kicks in when we see a total stranger in dire stress, in any way. People are innately good, unless trained to hate and kill, as in Taliban schools in Afghanistan, where they planned and carried out the aircraft bombing of the world trade centers, and Osama We almost Forget His Bin Name carries on with impunity and a smirk at his fool for a foe. I do feel it a shame that we have a President who seems to me to possess the attention span of a squirrel, and the aim of Elmer Fudd.

When we finally just say no, and actually leave Iraq, it will raise an army and learn to take care of itself as it has done well since the days of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the present ones who were allowed to steal the most historical precious artifacts of the Sumerian civilization. Shame, that collateral damage, and the deaths. No weapons of mass destruction, but we did create hell on earth through the region and are damned if we can figure a way out: let the next guy or gal deal with that. We understand, President Fudd.

Once that massive financial drain tap of spending is cut down, more Peace Corp, bring back the just retired mighiest aircraft carrier in tandem with the USS Abraham Lincoln, is bring us back his twin, BIG JOHN, the USS John F. Kennedy, and make it America’s new statement to earth, is that this Peace Corp ship will tend to follow the scientifically base of where and when often season related floods, typhoons, of pre earthquake warnings, lava blasts, danger villages. And how that would play well around the world.

This would overlap gradually the unfavorable outside press habits as America of the Roman Sword, not America, the Greek hero, defending the right, the weak, the tired, the….is that only America Past? No, by darn. It is again to be America’s future. On that newly commissioned USS Jon Fitzgerald Kennedy, BIG JOHN to his revential proud crew. We could well give an Admiral’s Cap to the wife of the Governor of California, her husband Arnold Schwartzenagger,the Governator, as good will ambassador.

And like that seniors ad about health care, a donkey and an elephant would be as one kicking and trumpeting against misfortune and need: good America together. Nice start, great symbolism.