Dr. Eric Kaplan, author of Dying to Be Young says, People need to know what Botox is. Botox was actually derived from Botulinum Toxin which was originally a bio-weapon.

Just like the seven million other Americans who received Botox injections last year, Just like seven million other Americans Dr. Kaplan and his wife, Bonnie, wanted to look younger. As a result, they found themselves completely paralyzed.

The Kaplans survived this harrowing experience with a proactive attitude and the belief that Self-worth does not come from anti-wrinkle creams and Botox injections.

Amidst the commercialism of deadly anti-aging products and drugs that promote the quick cure-all, there are real alternatives to improve your health and beauty from the inside out.

So, here a few tips about Botox before you buy the surgery:

– Derived from Botulinum Toxin originally a bio-weapon

– Bubonic Plague began with Botulism

– Blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles

– Can cause paralysis

There are a lot of natural things people can do to improve overall health other than commercial toxins:

– Dont be a victim

– Dont say you dont like the way you look

– Be proud of who you are

– Be proud of how you look

– Be happy with who you are and you can go on with the next level of life

Drugs are a big business in this country and most drugs today are owned by public companies. Rather than researching cures, we develop treatments that keep people on drugs indefinitely. Drugs are a big business in this country and most drugs today are owned by public companies.

Americans pay the most for their health care yet we are not even in the top ten countries for quality of health care.

Become proactive for your own involves your health. Go back to the basics of eating right, exercising and taking natural supplements.

There are supplements that reduce:

– Colon cancer

– Prostate cancer

– Lung cancer

– Risks of heart disease

Believe in yourself and you are capable of anything. The conflicts in daily life may seem overwhelming at times, but a positive attitude makes all the difference.

The Crucial steps to healing Dr. Kaplan shared are:

– Enjoy life the way it is

– Maintain healthy habits

– Be a goal setter

– Gratification comes from hard work, dedication, and perseverance

– Have a purpose in life

– Set good examples for your children

Follow the proactive strategies outlined by Dr. Kaplan during his recent interview for some self-confidence and belief in yourself.

He says, “Wrinkles are not the true you. Stress causes wrinkles. Anxiety causes wrinkles. Worry causes wrinkles. Look at the good in your life, go back to the basics and realize the greatness in your life.”