The chaos of the global jihad has come to the streets of Western Europe.

European cities that have stood for centuries have been rocked by wide spread violence. The children of immigrants who came to Europe post World War II as part of guest worker programs have rejected modern society, are now frustrated by unemployment, and have cast aside the holy and peaceful Islamic teachings of their parents in despair.

Individuals not unlike the 9-11 terrorists are giving hopeless people a bogus “cause”. Enlisting them into their “holy army”, activities like vandalism, drug dealing, arms trafficking, and killing civilians in acts of terror are ordered and acted upon. Not all crime can be blamed on terrorist rhetoric, but it is a disturbing trend.

Because firearms are banned in many European countries, citizens and even the police are defenseless as these fanatic criminals and agents of terror fight for control of the streets and the culture.

Among the gang members who stalk the streets of Oslo, Paris, and other European cities, some simply fight for territories in their countries, while others see every fight as part of a global war against “non-believers”.

Police resources are stretched thin, and in several European nations, they are quickly realizing that better weapons do not guarantee victory.

There are many neighborhoods that police fear to enter, and the average citizen is not able to protect themselves from gang violence and extortion. Police lack the training to deal with the urban pandemonium that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

And while the issues leading to the violence are complex and not easily resolved, keeping safe on the street is a little clearer. Either you fight to survive, or you become another innocent victim in the war.

Remember, this is not the first time in history that gangs and psychotic fanatics were a threat to peaceful civilian living.

In fact, similar conditions existed in Shanghai, China during the first half of the twentieth century. Gangs of thugs ruled the city and the police department was BADLY outnumbered. That was until William Fairbairn, a World War I veteran and hand-to-hand combat expert by way of Japan, cleaned house and led the charge to take back the city.

Just like in Shanghai, many European cities are in imminent danger of being destroyed from within if good people do not start to fight back (Canadian and U.S. cities are not that far behind on the list).