The television shows American Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi sitting in harmony with the spiritual leader of Tibet at his safe haven in north India. And we say bravo. Like Steven Spielberg recently, who we also applauded, a brave voice who speaks as a leader has said shame, China.

We all know that the policy of China has been to undermine the historical honest Buddhist faith in Tibet, even forwarding their Beijing blessed holy man, who is of course little respect in Tibet.

The new train is doing what it was built for that and that is to flood this sparsely populated land with millions of Han Chinese, easily supplied by the emptied farms replaced by coastal factories. All very win, win as long as you are not Tibetan to your deepest soul and we saw fight to the death. Rest assured that their terror actions are being shown on the coast. More trains, this time filled with more soldiers, are on their way.

While we trade freely and applaud that frightening mastery of capitalism with virtually free labor compared to the new west, which now includes South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and most of the other lesser tigers.

But the Big Panda can bully, and huff and puff like few we have seen speak double speak since Moscow, and is good that a likely leader of a new administration arrived to remind Bully Panda that the rest of the world is trying to stop that sort of genocide. Yet if George Bush says Tibet, China says Abu Graib.

The Beatles sat near that tree of bliss in north India and meditated the Buddha like way of Maharishi, a separate smaller sect holy man and teacher of meditation, who I also later sat at the feet of. In China this is suspect behavior of a cult who may think evil thoughts. Yes, right. You can see it in their bliss.

The irony is that we have seen how meditation down at coastal China is being now allowed by office girls at lunch time in Shanghai. Who are they going to feel more empathy for, you wonder? The blissful, smiling eyes of a meditation group, or the dull eyed rifle holding soldiers that force their grandparents off their farm for the factory?

The times are changing, and some leaders just seem to have that need to push and poke just when a friendly hand could be of better application. Georgie Bush, are you giving advice to China again about democracy? Please stop. Nancy just said it better, with a garland of flowers around her shoulders.

I much prefer it to your strut to your armed helicopter. More Greek debate, less Roman strutting, would be a wonderful way to start our engines of civilization again, after some savage glimpses of hell. Gauntanama Juice, anyone? No, I think we all are rather off that by now. Besides, George and Dick have drooled all over the cup.

And we say that is always a good idea when even a new friend who slaps his family out of habit, that we just say no. Good for you, Nancy. And we say no as well, so my squeak joins her roar.