Healthy lifestyles are not even on the horizon for millions around the earth, and nowhere is this situation worse than in Darur, Sudan, Africa.

And now the world has witnessed a rare shaming of a nation as Steven Spielberg has just inflicted on China. This nation that has begun to lecture other nations has found that a very effective way to deflect criticism of some of the inhumane behavior of official China.

The silencing of Tibet and flooding it with coastal Han, the suppression of any meaningful free speech, or pretense of being a democracy, still with the growing purchasing power has most nations look the other way while they all scramble for part of the action.

Until Steven, who may have noticed that the Canadian oil company had felt morally obliged to leave Sudan and put up for sale these rich oil fields and found the quick bidder was China. Now, China supplies the guns to kill in Darfur while it ships the payment in oil to the growing industries of China.

This will be mortifying news to officialdom in China, who so want to impress the world that they are now a mighty nation in the nations of the world, and all is beautiful and glorious. It will not be the great extra ordinary and flawless Olympics with this stain on the moral conduct of official China on their five star star studded Olympics.

Already some television comment asks about boycotts of the games as happened when Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1980. That seems unlikely. But it is a very good thing that someone of world renown and respect calls China for not being a good moral citizen of the world.

The spluttering speeches of self defense are being written as we speak. But Steven- the guy in the white hat- may have added one more wedge under the weak side of the leaning tower of self centered immoral Communism. And we applaud that process. Well done, Steven!

This difference between reality and theory has always been a mystery to me: Marx and Engels were determined to defend the little guy against the monolithic monster of capitalism. All would rise, unite, slay the dragons, and run the animal farm all peacefully, all equal.

So much for the theory. We have watched the Canadian Oil Company go through an agony of debate about these rich oil fields in Sudan, realizing it would be blood money as the government was diverting any first trickles of oil profits to guns.

So, this evil western capitalist company put their oil rights up for sale. I and others wondered who would knowingly buy into helping create this horror: it was the democratic Peoples Republic of China! Some how I had felt certain the new buyer would not be an oil giant from say, Sweden, where the same moral question would have arisen as in Canada.

Since then, oil has flowed to China from Sudan and guns have filled the boats, apparently on the return trip, and the genocide in Darfur has taken off during this same time.

Good eye, Steven. And while many of our same thinking voices would not have raised a squeak, you have created a roar that has shamed China. And just before they want to show off to the world how perfect they were with their best ever Olympics. Now some bloody hands have also been waved from the growing crowds.