In order to understand Attraction Marketing, it would seem logical that one must first describe marketing. This could easily fill another article and there are literally hundreds of definitions in thousands of textbooks, articles and websites.

Using the laws of attraction marketing under a Social Media umbrella term aims to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing content between users.3

Attraction marketing is the preferred marketing system of the future. More and more savvy buyers use the internet to evaluate products when they are in the market to purchase. When you wake up at 2:00 am and can’t sleep, you can work on your blogg! But you can’tcall your prospects on the phone! The “old” way of direct sales marketing will never goout of use. In fact, when a person begins a direct sales business, their best resource to recover their initial investment quickly will always be their close friends and relatives.

It is a perfect attraction marketing tool. Actually, it is more than just a tool – a whole new way of communicating. So why would you want to pressure your prospects? As a marketer your most important thing to do is to concentrate how to make the experience of your prospects as pleasurable as possible – at the same time working on removing pressure and as much stress as possible from the buying process you put your people through.

On the Internet however, prospective prospects/distributors do not see you as a relative, friend or workmate. They don’t bring up past failures or previous MLM ventures. Many Network Marketing companies provide replicated websites, which are about the company, product or the opportunity.

There is nothing to make the prospect know, like or trust YOU. Branding is how the heavy hitters in Network Marketing make millions while teaching you how to approach a cynical warm list! Why do you think the heavy hitters sell CD’s, DVD’s and books rather than give their secrets to their own organization?

In a way, the prospect “pays you” to become “your” propect and you’ve yet to talk with them about your network marketing opportunity, which in effect becomes the back end sale. Ann Sieg, author of The Renegade Network Marketer says that “positioning makes all the difference in the world” and that “who finds who first is very important”. Is this news to you?

After all, you’re a network marketer! That means that you’re tough and you won’t give up easily! Of course, just like anything worthwhile, it’s a learning process.

Here is how it works. Individuals already have contacts with other network marketers who they have built a relationship with over the last several years, they are able to enter a new company, bring their team over to the new company and rocket to the top of the compensation plan. Let’s take network marketers as an example again since they make a perfect group to use this strategy. Network marketers are constantly investing in additional resources to help them build their business.

But it’s one thing to put up a simple page on one of those sites, and it’s a whole different ball game to build your business using these *THOUSANDS* of Social Media sites in a strategic way.Once you engage the full power of Attraction Marketing strategies, the speed and power of this stuff becomes incredible.